Delgado & Caballero A young firm, but with highly trained personnel, with a global focus, our main objective is to provide all our clients with fast and effective solutions, always within the highest ethical and professional standards. Committed to our customers in giving them an effective and efficient service.

Our firm is constituted by legal professionals such as the lawyer Erwin Delgado and Jorge Caballero who with their qualified staff offer a wide range of legal services among them to an extensive portfolio of local and international clients. With offices in Panama, Capital City and the interior of the country, Delgado & Caballero is committed to providing excellent service to its clients.

Among the services are assistance and advice in litigation:

  1. Criminals
  2. Civilians
  3. Commercial
  4. Banking and Finance
  5. Family
  6. Intellectual Property
  7. Maritime procedures
  8. Arbitration
  9. Mediation and Conciliation
  10. Flagging of ships

Delgado & Caballero also offers advice for issues related to all kinds of transactions, real estate, corporations, incorporation of companies, investment or if you just want to live in Panama.

If you are thinking about making a transaction, investment or living in Panama, we will advise you.

Notarial services:

  • Preparation of purchase agreements for farms.
  • Preparation of real estate transfer forms.
  • Preparation of mortgages and antichresis on real estate.
  • Best declaration (residential and commercial) confections.
  • Preparation of improvements demolitions.
  • Confection of donation of farms.
  • Preparation of a loan contract on real estate.
  • Everything related to the confections of public deeds in Notaries of the Circuit of Panama.

Registry Services:

  • Purchase-sale registration.
  • Registration of Social Pacts.
  • Registration of private interest Foundations.
  • Registration of Special and General Powers.
  • Inscription of dissolution of Corporations and Foundations.
  • Public Registry Certificates (company, farms and powers, others.).
  • Investigation of Farms and Corporations.
  • Research of Private Interest Foundation.
  • Investigation of Special and General Powers.
  • Everything related to registrations and investigations in the Public Registry.
  • Know your client form.

Formalities tax rate:

  • Processing of Peace and Except for real estate.
  • Processing of Statements of Corporations.
  • Processing of Peace and save for Rent.
  • Statements of natural persons.
  • Statements of property tax.
  • Statements of account on income tax.
  • Statements of unique rates of Corporations.
  • Tax exemption on new improvements (20 years).
  • Presentation of 2% transfer forms, including digital format preparation.
  • Presentation of earnings form (if any).

Other services:

  • Commercial Person.
  • Non-profit foundation.
  • Registration of Minutes (changes of board of directors, reforms to the articles of incorporation and / or increase of the share capital) ...
  • Preparation of special and general powers, both for legal persons and for natural persons.
  • Dissolution of companies and / or private interest foundations.
  • Migration.
  • Public contracts.

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